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A little bit about us:

Before we had children we had goats and gardens! And now our oldest is a teenager!

We have always loved the land and through gardening and animal husbandry our connections to it have deepened and grown.

Being gardeners and farmers we had readied a warm, loving place to welcome our babies and nourish them as they grew.

We have always been committed to raise our children on a wholesome, homegrown, diverse, local, nutritious diet.

Feeding our family our own vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs and meat brings a grounding and satisfaction to our life. 

We are supported by our land, we are honored to tend it and we benefit from our relationship to it. 

J'Mae studied Sustainability and Outdoor Education at Sterling College and Warren Wilson College. 

After College, J'Mae started teaching in the public sector and eventually found her calling within the Waldorf Movement.

J'Mae has been training in Spacial Dynamics and Waldorf Education and will graduate this summer. J'Mae's 4th grade teacher 

would take her class on an outing every Friday in nature and J'Mae was hookedExperiential Education opened

a part of J'Mae she had never experienced. At 14 she got her first backing backpack, at 16, a tent (which she still has and uses)

and at 21 her first canoe! Bridging nature, education and community have been guiding passions throughout her life. 

Alan grew up in a family of 4 boys and under the tutelage of their father, learned everything they would need to know

to be self -sufficient. They created a homestead from the wilderness. Off the grid, they built their house, cleared fields,

gardened and preserved their food. Out of their labor they made a wonderful, secure, bountiful, life.

Alan's father taught his boys how to use and maintain tools and machinery, when to start seeds, the value in fixing over replacing

and how to take your time with the small and big things. Alan also learned from the land itself.

He has studied the soils, the trees, the weather, paid attention to the birds, the moon,

the porcupine and his place among them. Alan has learned how to be a steward

with integrity and patience and the land has been generous to him. 

We are grateful.

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